Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau AG is counted amongst the 100 most innovative companies which are German medium-sized businesses. This was based on an investigation as part of the German federal "TOP 100" comparison of companies which covers all branches.

Innovationen from the Tango Factory

The developments coming out of the Tango Factory are ecologically and economically an optimal solution for a number of temperature control applications. Users of our machines should always be technologically the Number One! We dedicate ourselves to this task based on conviction and with passion. How we do this and how we use and optimise the synergy between effective thermodynamics and intelligent microelectronics is demonstrated in the following portrait:

Thermodynamics and Microelectronics

or vice versa? This does not matter in the finished product. However, the way of looking at things is most certainly decisive before realisation. Microelectronics allows intelligent thermodynamics in a smaller dimension and effective thermodynamics needs the intelligence of the microelectronics. If it is viewed in the opposite way it does not work and innovation would be just not there. Let us remember: the legendary cooling circulator in a classic function

Ministat®, Unistat®, Variostat®

came onto the market in the contact thermometer era in 1976. This was, however, straight away as a fully electronic device with a triac and a zero voltage switch. This was a rarity at the time. The decisive thing was, however, that not only a heating and a cooling were missing on a temperature controller but also an interesting thermodynamic solution was found for the first time. The second coup was the mutually exchangeable digital plug-in unit on the ACHEMA 1979 exhibition which in turn is exchangeable in the meantime by the backward compatible microprocessor plug-in unit

Compatible Control

. The third coup! After the exchangeable plug-in unit, which is still exclusive to us today, the digital indicator spread throughout the market. This was THE general innovation, if one so will. Nothing has changed through this in the mode of operation of thermostats or chillers. Also the ever increasing departure from analogue technology by the arrival and entry onto the market of the microprocessor will not cause any change to the conventional temperature control technology. Innovations are not to be expected if one imagines control technology and thermodynamics in this sequence. The opposite is correct, and the development of the patented


, at the latest, made this very clear. At the awarding of the 1986 innovation prize 1986 this device was just inspired by microelectronics. One called the Rotostat® a Concorde - a top item, but expensive. In reality there was hardly a single Rotostat® that took longer than one or two years to amortise and every user was inspired. Why? The secret of the Rotostat® lies in the efficient thermodynamics. Rotostat® has naturally also had microelectronics for a long time now but is still, until today, unique in its category. Many users see us as mainly operating in the refrigeration corner of the market. It is not rare to hear us referred to as the refrigeration specialists in the branch. That is correct and we have absolutely nothing against this. However, we have also already proven our competence in developing electronic equipment for a long time and have participated as an equal on all innovations. It takes two to tango. Intelligence allows a small constructive form and both disciplines have made the


into the best of its kind on the global market with an unbelievable performance density and with a reduction in the water consumption of water-cooled machines of more than 70%! The successful compatible control slide-in unit also controls the intelligent chillers with the most up-to-date microprocessor technology. With this kind of pre-history the creation of the Tango was simply a question of the way of looking at things and consistency. The development of the Unistat principle us simply based on the fact that one needed a thermodynamic solution for a whole range of unsolved problems.

Tango and the large Unistat®

had to be invented because the conservative thermodynamics had gone as far as it could. A microelectronics was developed in the process which delivered much more that the usual temperature control and ensured that the capabilities of the Unistat® principle fully come into play. This is with functions which simply would not have been developed for the conservative technology due to a lack of demand. Pressure-temperature sensor systems, high-resolution stepper motors for cooling control and high temperature coolers, vapour pressure tables for new refrigerants. Things which have helped a great deal to get out early from using CFCs and also allowed us to dispense with use of R22 and R22 mixtures 5 years before they were prohibited. Innovations in view of the start of the new millenium and for a very clear goal: Tango and the large Unistate® in demanding industrial applications, in the role of the

technology leader!

An initiator for our whole product spectrum, from the water bath through to the high-tech. machine, for environmentally friendly generation of refrigeration capacity and energy effective temperature control technology and, above all, in order to allow our users to simplify their work and allow optimal temperature control results in practise.

Awarding of the prize of the TOP100 certificate:


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